Thyroid Questionnaire

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Click image below to fill out the form and see what your result is! Make an appointment if you’re 11+ and we’ll test and determine next steps, 360-836-5730. We love this website, check it out!

I Act Like A Robot

Dr Neale Heal with Dr. Neale, Inspiration

Dr. Neale’s 10 Life Systems that keep her feeling her best no matter what life brings. “My life is built on monotonous automation; I act like a robot. ‘Twas not an easy feat to achieve. I practice formulated monotony to sustain healthy behaviors. I never knew life could be so …

Bikram yoga and me. And you?

Dr Neale Heal with Dr. Neale, Inspiration

These radiographs were taken 4 months apart. THE “intervention” in between radiographs for this patient was – wait for it – Bikram Yoga!  Exhibit A: Picture it. A crowded room thick with heat, your body dripping and slippery with sweat, your face beet red, other people sweating, breathing and bending next to …

New Patient Packages!

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Designed for you. By you. It’s true. Over the course of a decade and through trial and not-so-much error, so much as just not as effective as I’d like, we’ve developed these 3 packages for your “ease of use.” Our clients are amazing and have really helped craft these options to give …

Mind Full, or Mindful??

Dr Neale Heal with Dr. Neale, Inspiration, News

Mindfulness: 5 thoughts on how to add mindfulness to your healing journey. Mindfulness not only becomes a way of thinking and a way of doing, it becomes a way of being as well. Mindful eating. When you count the number of times you chew it by nature encourages you to be …

My Heart and My Hearth

Dr Neale Heal with Dr. Neale, Inspiration

One of my husband’s BIGGEST pet peeves is when I chew in front of him. He cannot listen to me eat. It drives him simply nutty. The only time I can eat in front of him is when he is also eating and chewing. Over the dozen years we have …