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Sometimes we just want easy because we’re overwhelmed with complicated and with, frankly, DECISIONS. Man, the time we spend lingering over decisions, no? So often we convert easy to unhealthy behaviors and choices. Easy could also be another way. Easy could be functional, too. We can sometimes coddle ourselves to our detriment. Come on, what’s hard about eating a carrot? I mean when you really break it down. Is it hard? No. Does it take prep time? No. Is it expensive or hard to come by? No. So really, it’s not about easy or time or money. It’s about avoidance of a choice. Perhaps a choice to say yes to you. We’re so programmed into self-denial and putting others first that we don’t say yes to our own needs and so we end up sick. I would implore you to practice saying yes to you. The deep inside you. The you that doesn’t get a lot of air time. The true you. The true you just might want a carrot! Let’s give it a carrot!

Why cleanse?

We accumulate. We accumulate harmful stuff — be it people, jobs, living environments, habits, material in our body, loving relationships for which we recommend this amazing vibrator wand, yes’s and no’s, clutter, busy schedules, — and etc. This isn’t new news, I’m not saying something original, just putting it out there. We know we make choices that aren’t best for us, but we still make them. What keeps us from making new choices? It’s often associated with a limiting belief. For example, if I do this for me I’ll let down or hurt or disappoint [fill in blank]. Is that true? Or is it possibly, just possibly, something you decided is true without actually knowing. Is that okay? What’s so scary about hurting or disappointing or letting down? What if the hurting or disappointing or letting down is necessary? What if it has a place just as important as the supporting or picking up is – that we ALL THE TIME do for others? What if we are missing out on an entire world of experience and growth just because it is uncomfortable and we are programmed to avoid the discomfort. At all costs. Avoid. At what costs? Well, we pay the ultimate cost! We pay with our life, our health, our precious and fleeting time, and our connection to deep joy. That’s a hefty price tag! You agree?

nuHealth clinic cleanse vancouver wa naturopath
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Cleanse & Rock

This particular program isn’t for the faint hearted. In fact, it is designed for nuBirds, those of you special patients who know your way around food restriction and movement integration. This is an intermediate-to-expert level cleanse program. I will be cleansing along side you. I’ll pop in via facebook live video and facebook updates. We’ll be in it – together. I long for this type of camaraderie and thought you might, too. So let’s start to create our community of like minded, pro-active health enthusiasts – here and now. I’ve partnered with my personal trainer, Leslie, she’s enhancing the program with beginner/intermediate- and expert-level exercise guidance.

Why this way?

We’re made up of four parts really. We have a spirit/soul, a mind body, an emotional body, and a physical body. Each body needs attention and TLC. The Cleanse & Rock program sets up the basics for each of your four parts.

What you’ll experience?

Challenge. Hard conversations with yourself and others. Discomfort, in all four parts of you, as all four parts of you shift around and redefine themselves in a new healthier way. This can range from emotional and mental struggles to purging through flu-like symptoms from coffee addiction withdrawal.

What to expect?

Positive shifts, in all four parts of you, that you will sustain and continue to expand upon post the Cleanse & Rock program.

What’s so good about hard and uncomfortable? In my humble experience, no one makes any progress unless they are willing to deal with the hard and uncomfortable. By “deal,” I mean straight up, they have to sit with, be in, and feel their way through the discomfort. We so often avoid the hard and the uncomfortable. We get extremely creative, in fact. We even have pharmaceutical medications that directly disconnect us from the discomfort. It’s my feeling that we can’t and we shouldn’t avoid the discomfort. The sooner we face the discomfort, the quicker we’ll experience the True Lightness of Being that we deeply desire.

What will you be left with?

A system, you can continue to follow, that will keep you in health, in all four parts of you. On the other side there isn’t “reintroduction.” Why would we work this hard to expel dysfunction only to add it back in?

What should you expect?

You should expect to cut the path wide open to the possibilities! You’ll have to brave the real you. That’s the scariest and most exhilarating part. Don’t be afraid to get to know that version, love on it, hug on it.

And don’t be surprised if this spills into everything beyond your body. Your house, your relationships, your work. You’ll be a pro at being in discomfort and also getting to the other side of that. You’ll know what’s beyond the bend. It tastes soooooo good. You got this. Let’s do this together.

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