Food Intolerance List

Categories for Food Intolerance

By Potato I mean:

  • Potato (any color)nuHealth clinic Dr. Nadene Neale Vancouver Wa Naturopath potato allergy
  • Sweet potato
  • Yams
  • This includes any food containing potato, potato flour, or potato starch.

“Hidden” sources of potato:

  • Dextrose
  • Vitamin A Palmitate
  • Ascorbyl Palmitate

Foods that contain “hidden” sources of Potato:

  • Iodized salt contains dextrose.
  • Many soups, stews and other prepared foods contain potato in some form.
  • All low-fat, skim milk, and alternative milk products contain vitamin A palmitate.
  • Most baking powders (if baked goods bother you, try those without baking powder).
  • Most commercial flour (most bread and pastry products contain potato).
  • Most yeast contains potato, both baking yeast and beer yeast.
Foods that don’t contain Potato:
  • Organic flour and noodles do not.
  • Red star yeast does not contain potato.
  • Rumford brand baking powder.
  • There are beers, which do not contain potato, such as Deschutes Brewery, Tuborg, Olympia, Budweiser, and Corona.