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Have you ever cut out sugar entirely from your diet for a week? Have you ever had a week of 70% vegetables and 20% meat? I know, it’s difficult, but try it just for a week this month and see for yourself how you feel! It’s really weird how it works: when you …


Dr Neale Heal with Dr. Neale

I get it. Really, I do. You may have been drawn in by the label and advertising. Claims of ORGANIC and 100% NATURAL does grab the eye. Or if Oprah or Dr. Oz showcase a product, forget about it, it gains some roots! A patient will ask “my opinion” on a …

nuHealth Heart Sound Recorder Event

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In honor of American Heart Month, we’re bringing in an expert! Dr. Neale paired up with an expert to offer you a unique tool and nutritional measure. The Heart Sound Recorder is especially helpful for those who are affected by cardiovascular diseases like hypertension, elevated cholesterol and atrial fibrillation, but …

How to get your best sleep yet!

Dr Neale Heal with Dr. Neale

Sleep hygiene tips: Go to bed at the same time. Wake at the same time Monday-Sunday. Avoid electronics before bed and during sleep. Here’s why. Sleep naked. (It allows skin to better regulate temperature during sleep. This improves hormone balance during sleep.) Sleep in the dark. Try a sunrise simulator …

Healthier with Each Year

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Why can’t we get healthier and feel better with each passing year? Who says aging has to be a slow depressing process where we accumulate limiting health problems and watch collagen lose its hold? For some time now I’ve been after health like a dog with a bone. I have been …

Thyroid Questionnaire

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Click image below to fill out the form and see what your result is! Make an appointment if you’re 11+ and we’ll test and determine next steps, 360-836-5730. We love this website, check it out! stopthethyroidmadness.com

I Act Like A Robot

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Dr. Neale’s 10 Life Systems that keep her feeling her best no matter what life brings. “My life is built on monotonous automation; I act like a robot. ‘Twas not an easy feat to achieve. I practice formulated monotony to sustain healthy behaviors. I never knew life could be so …

Bikram yoga and me. And you?

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These radiographs were taken 4 months apart. THE “intervention” in between radiographs for this patient was – wait for it – Bikram Yoga!  Exhibit A: Picture it. A crowded room thick with heat, your body dripping and slippery with sweat, your face beet red, other people sweating, breathing and bending next to …