Currently Operating Under A TeleHealth Platform

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nuHealth CLINIC is NOT AVAILABLE FOR IN-PERSON contact until further notice.

However, we will remain 100% open for business at full capacity.
In fact, we intend to take this opportunity to show up for you and yours in the best way we know how. The team at nu will be moving to a TeleHealth platform as of March 24th, 2020 as strongly encouraged by the Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians re COVID-19.

How will I visit with Dr. Neale?

Dr. Neale will be available via TeleHealth face-to-face OR phone visits. She can also FaceTime. There is no more important time to focus on your health then now. Your treatment plan and focus may need to adapt to present challenges. Dr. Neale is here to help you focus your best efforts while keeping an eye on the big picture. If you are experiencing financial hardship at this time please request a 5% discount on Dr. Neale’s services at time of check out.

Will my visit still be private?

Yes, Dr. Neale will be in a private space (until further restriction, that private space will be her office in clinic) during the entirety of your visit.

What about my blood draw? Do I still come into the office?

No, we will be transitioning to mobile in-home (or on lawn or porch or patio) lab draws (phlebotomist will be in full PPE gear). Aim-to-Please Phlebotomy (our in-house blood draw service provider) has offered a discount on home draw service fees to accommodate nuHealth patients! Aim-to-Please will reach out to you directly to reschedule your in-office draw to an at-home draw. Dr. Neale strongly encourages you to keep focus on your health and follow the prescribed lab draw schedule as feasible.

How will I get my supplements and medication?

We will be providing curb-side pick up and as long as the US Postal Service still operates we will continue to ship! The door will be locked, but we will be “open” normal hours. PLEASE RING DOOR BELL and WAIT IN YOUR CAR. IF G is on the phone please be prepared to wait in your car for service. Just lay on your horn until she comes out. Just kidding, please don’t do that. If you are experiencing financial hardship please request free shipping and a 5% discount on your supplements.

How will I get my Booch?

Curb-side pick-up of Booch will be available during normal business hours. PLEASE RING DOOR BELL and WAIT IN YOUR CAR. IF G is on the phone please be prepared to wait in your car for service. If the demand for Booch remains high we will continue to stock it! If you are experiencing financial hardship please request a 5% discount on your Booch. Booch is that important! We get it.

Can I still get my hydrotherapy treatment?

No. Not in person. If you have purchased a package rest assured it does not expire and we will resume treatments when it is again safe to do so. HOWEVER, we have adapted hydrotherapy to at-home versions. Please call G for instructions! She can send them to you via your health portal.

Any more specifics?

For more specifics please call the office and chat with G. By the time you call, we will likely have some specifics. If you have an appointment on the books we will reach out to you directly prior to your appointment to help you navigate the new TeleHealth visit platform. It’s super simple. You’ll receive an email with instructions, a few clicks and you are live face-to-face with Dr. Neale. Or, if you prefer, we can arrange your phone or FaceTime consult.

There will be emerging adaptations to follow. When plans change by the hour, why have them? We will keep you updated. Check back on this page!

We are able to facilitate COVID-19 testing if you have a presumed/known exposure and/or symptoms associated. We are also able to support you remotely, along side your other healthcare methods, if you are affected by COVID-19. We have put together SAME DAY COVID-19 consults, 15 mins in duration, for on-demand support if direction is needed as to what next steps you should take.
For more information (both anecdotal and scientific) and specifics on how to stay ahead of the health curve tune into our facebook page. We’ll be updating it with information as often as feasible.