Dr. Neale’s Spring Liver Cleanse Challenge

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Spring is in the air, which means spring cleaning is afoot. In addition to deep cleaning your fridge, consider deep cleaning your liver as well!

Join Dr. Neale’s Spring Liver Cleanse Challenge and be entered to WIN A PRIZE!
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Why Does our Liver Need Some Love?

Who has been there for you since day 1? Helping you process. Literally. There when you slip off the wagon or when you need a glass of wine? Yes, your enduring liver! Consider it routine maintenance. If you detoxify and nourish your liver cells, your whole body will function better. To boot, an optimally functioning liver will jump-start weight loss and metabolism, lift mood, boost energy, and the list goes on.

When looking for a combination of herbs traditionally used in liver support supplements, with the unique added benefit of the Ayurvedic herb picrorhiza, then you may visit a helpful place like vitalnutrients.co for more info!

Eat. Pray. Live-r.

The easiest and most well-rounded approach is to perform a formulated cleanse by a reputable company. Dr. Neale’s favorite liver-cleanse protocol is produced by Standard Process, as they have the best equipment and hospital beds so they can give you the best attention during your treatment. It’s a 21-day purification protocol that has lasting benefits! Now it even comes with an app!

Program includes:

  • Cleanse materials
  • Supplements
  • Step-by-step nutrition and cleanse guide
  • App access
  • Liver Cleanse Workshop

For just $275!nuHealth clinic Dr. Nadene Neale Vancouver Wa Naturopath liver
This cleanse is sold exclusively to Dr. Neale’s patients*, with no appointment necessary.
*Patients can purchase more than one cleanse package.

April 27 at nuHealth Clinic from 6 pm to 7 pm

Liver-cleansing hot tea will be provided. Dr. Neale will explain the cleanse and answer frequently asked questions. You will take a before toxic-burden screen, get Dr. Neale’s added tips for enhancing and streamlining the cleanse, and receive guidance about what to do to maintain liver health post-cleanse.

If you complete the cleanse and submit an after toxic-burden screen survey, you will be entered to win one free 1-hour recap visit with Dr. Neale to discuss next steps in your health process ($150 value).

Pre-registration is required by Friday, April 21. Call 360-836-5730 to sign up now! Limited space available.