Nothing is working, where do I start?

“Hello everyone!” Most people come in overloaded with information and in turn, they’re stuck in stagnation. They’re missing the algorithm that allows them to follow to navigate the complexities of the health journey. It’s my job to uncover that algorithm and work through it with you. The most important thing is uncovering that first question then we can navigate to a “yes” or a “no” and depending on the answer, we move in the appropriate direction. Then we can shed all the irrelevant extraneous information and it feels better already. And then the next question we arrive at, we follow that algorithm down to a place of clarity, the most important next step for you at this moment. And we find a way to take that next step that feels accessible to you.

I think sometimes patients are afraid of disappointing the doctor. I am telling you now that it can be way worse than that, you could be disappointing yourself. It’s my job to talk you off the ledge and let you know you have your entire lifetime to improve this process and you should take it in stride and have grace with yourself. It’s my job to manage your expectations and keep them in the context of healing and the context of care.

Don’t like words? Watch the video!