Growing Lettuce?

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Growing lettuce? Here are three tips and a bonus nota bene. 1. Don’t let your lettuce wilt – even once. Wilted lettuce = bitter lettuce. 2. If it bolts it will be bitter. Heat, dry soil, and sun cause it to bolt. 3. Harvest the entire plant once it matures …

Lemon Balm Iced Tea Recipe.

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Backyard Medicine … Remove the dead leaves from two handfuls of freshly harvested Lemon balm. Soak and swish in a large bowl of cold water to remove dirt, repeat three times. Then place in a large glass jar (1.5 gallon). Press the leaves and break some stems to release the …

Backyard Medicine at Salmon Creek Farmers Market.

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Dr. Neale will be at the Salmon Creek Farmer’s Market tomorrow the 7th of July from 3pm to 7pm talking about backyard medicine. Botanicals that grow perhaps around your house that you may think of as weeds, like Melissa officinalis, also known as Lemon Balm, or Taraxacum officinale, also known …

Chronic Sinusitis

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Sinus Infections Affecting Your Daily Life? Are you one of the 30 million Americans affected by chronic sinus infections and headaches? You’re not alone, chronic sinusitis is THE most common chronic illness in the US.1 Those who suffer from sinusitis rate their quality of life as worse than those suffering from …

Meet the Doctor.

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Open House at Salmon Creek. 3606 Main St. Ste. 201 Vancouver, WA 98663 March 17th, 2011 6 – 8 pm Refreshments and bubbly provided.

USDA will dump food pyramid.

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nuNews of the week. USDA will dump food pyramid. The USDA indicates that in response to longstanding criticisms, the USDA will replace the controversial, 19-year-old food pyramid with a clearer Food Plate. Read more about it here: