nu5. $295 during promotion.

Dr Neale News

As always, thank you for inviting me to be apart of your healthcare team. If you have friends or family members who you think I should meet I am offering a promotion for NEW patients with the Grand Re-opening of nuHealth in collaboration with Whole Health Wellness Group.


nu1. Assess your current whole health and labs. Foundational health education and tools.

  • Comprehensive medical history evaluation and exam.
  • Hormone evaluation (hormone testing not included).
  • Food Intolerance Test.
  • Urinalysis.
  • Mineral testing (Ca/Zn).
  • Blood sugar.
  • Salivary pH.
  • Urinary Indican.
  • Acoustic Cardiogram (ACG) with analysis.

+1.5 WEEKS: nuTritionist VISIT

nu1.5. Meal planning, recipe substitution, shopping tips, and more with Dr. Neale’s nuTrition intern.


nu2. Mastermind strategy within the context of your individual health goals.

nu3. Account for your life situation and any current constraints.

nu4. Organize by priority, weighted by your current health status – realistic bite size action step/s.


nu5. Reassessment. Adjustment. Recruitment +1 support person. Long term goal planning.

  • Acoustic Cardiogram (ACG) with analysis and comparison.
  • Urinalysis.
  • Mineral testing (Ca/Zn).
  • Blood sugar.
  • Salivary pH.
  • Urinary Indican.


  • To purchase call nuHealth at 360-836-5730.
  • Promotion expires May 15th, 2014, must purchase package by May 15th, 2014.
  • Can redeem package before or after May 15th, 2014 without concern of expiration.
  • You are not required to schedule your first appointment upon purchasing package.
  • Referral Thank You’s! Be sure to ask your friend or family member to mention your name upon purchasing their nu5 package. You will receive a nu5 thank you surprise bonus for each referral.
  • All visits are subject to availability, there are no substitutions or refunds.
  • Also check out my new Food Intolerance Resources and meet my nuTrition Support Team!