nuHealth Now Open with New COVID-19 Guidelines

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  • Doors will be open “by appointment only.”
  • We’re continuing TeleHealth visits.
  • Re-opening to in-house blood draws.The draws will occur in the morning before the clinic opens for in-person visits.
  • Only one patient at a time will be in the clinic for a draw or a visit.
  • We’ll be maintaining 6′ apart social distancing guidelines and wiping down surfaces as appropriate.
  • Upon arrival please ring doorbell or call G for service. The front door will be kept locked. Please wait in your car.
  • Curbside pick up is still available for medicine and kombucha pick up.
  • Hydro treatments are not yet available in house.
  • Food Intolerance testing will be performed via at home kit.

What if I have a cough?
We ask that if you have a cough or any symptoms of COVID (or known exposure to) to please avoid in-person visits and instead call for a TeleHealth visit with Dr. Neale ASAP.

High risk? What do I do?
We ask if you have auto-immune disease, co-morbidities, or are otherwise high risk for COVID that you please avoid in-person visits until further notice for your safety.

Face masks, required?
We’re not requiring face masks as we do not have enough to pass out due to shortage and supply issues. If you prefer to wear a mask or cloth please bring your own.

Will Dr. Neale and G be wearing masks?
No. However, we will wear masks if a situation arises that deems it necessary or upon request.

Other ways the office is safe?
Dr. Neale’s office has a large window and excellent ventilation. Sadly G will be standing behind a plexiglass barrier when communicating with you.

We’re SO excited to see your faces again.

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