Dairy, Fruit & Sugar Menu

Dairy and Sugar Free Menu

BreakfastScrambled Eggs with ToastOatmealOatmeal, a different variation than Tuesday’sNut Butter Toast, and SmoothiesOatmealPancakes, with Eggs and SausageSmoothies, and Nut Butter Toast
SnackRaw Nuts, and FruitHard Boiled EggHummus, Sliced Cucumber, and Baby CarrotsHard Boiled EggRaw nuts, and fruitCelery and Nut Butter with RaisinsRaw nuts, and Fruit
LunchChicken on Green Salad with Dairy Free DressingSandwiches, and Veggie SoupLeftover meatloaf, Salad with Dairy Free DressingSandwiches, and SoupSoup and SaladPasta saladLeftover Grilled Veggies on Salad with Sandwich
SnackHard Boiled EggRaw Nuts, and FruitRaw Nuts, and FruitHummus, Sliced cucumber, and Baby CarrotsCelery and Nut Butter with RaisinsHummus, Sliced cucumber, and Baby CarrotsCelery and Nut Butter with Raisins
DinnerOrzo with Red Sauce, Shrimp, and Green BeansMeatloaf, with Garlic Collard GreensBeans and Rice with turkey and fennelQuick Asian Stir FryTaco NightGrilled steak, Salad, and Grilled VeggiesRoast Chicken with Lemon Asparagus and Dairy Free Dinner Rolls

Dairy and Sugar Free Menu Tips:

The easiest way to split up your fruit and sugar combination is to completely eliminate one. In your case, eliminate sugar since sugar doesn’t have the nutritional value like fruit does. Our menus are written following this “avoid one” guideline. You will see reminders in the tips to avoid sugar, and to always read labels, as different forms sugar are added to so many foods.

If you’re planning on having sugar, then plan your day accordingly, and avoid fruit for the amount of time you are supposed to. For example, if your hours of separation are 6 hours, and you’re going to a birthday party (with cake) in the evening, then fill up on fruit at breakfast. At lunch, snacks, and dinner avoid fruit, and eat more veggies instead. By the time dessert rolls around you should be safe. Remember fruit can hide in unexpected places, like in most prepared red pasta sauces there is citric acid. Also, you can’t always be sure what is in food from a restaurant, but reading the entrée descriptions should let you know if there is fruit in the dish