Egg, Potato & Grain Menu: Eliminating Grain Version

Egg and Grain Free Menu

BreakfastTurkey Sausage and Mixed Berry SmoothiesNut and Seed GranolaTropical Smoothies and Ham SteakNut and Seed GranolaTurkey Sausage and Broiled GrapefruitNut and Seed GranolaHomemade Turkey Sausage Patties with Hash Browns with Smoothies
SnackFresh Fruit and NutsEasy EdamameHummus, Sliced Cucumber, and Baby CarrotsDeli Meat Snack WrapFresh Fruit and NutsCelery and Nut Butter with RaisinsLeftover Nut and Seed Granola
LunchChicken on Green Salad with Quick DressingVeggie Soup and Deli Meat Roll-upsLeftover meatloaf, Salad with Quick DressingCollard Wraps with Leftover Coleslaw and SalmonSoup and SaladApples and Tuna Salad over Garlic LentilsLeftover Grilled Veggies on Salad with Barbecue Meatballs
SnackTuna Mixed with Hummus on Raw Carrot ChipsFresh Fruit and NutsFresh Fruit and NutsHummus, Sliced cucumber, and Baby CarrotsCelery and Nut Butter with RaisinsHummus, Sliced cucumber, and Baby CarrotsEasy Edamame
DinnerShrimp with Red Sauce and Bean Salad *Quick Prep for Nut and Seed Granola*Meatloaf, with Garlic Collard GreensTurkey, Fennel, and Bean skillet, with Quick Coleslaw Note: Prep Nut and Seed Granola if there’s none leftover.Quick Asian Stir Fry with Tofu NoodlesTaco Salad *Quick Prep for Nut and Seed Granola*Grilled steak, Salad, and Grilled VeggiesRoast Chicken with Lemon Asparagus and Baked Potatoes

Egg and Grain Free Menu Tips

The easiest way to split up your Potato and Grain combination is to completely eliminate one. For this week we’ll eliminate Grain. Our menus are written following this “avoid one” guideline. You will see reminders in the tips to avoid grains, and remember to always read labels, as grains can be added to many foods.