Fruit, Potato & Grain Menu: Eliminating Grain Version

Fruit and Grain Free Menu

BreakfastScrambled Eggs with Ham SteakQuick Huevos RancherosSpiced Butternut Squash Chia Pudding With OptionsQuick Huevos RancherosWatermelon Smoothie with Nut and Seed GranolaScrambled Eggs with Ham SteakHomemade Turkey Sausage Patties with Hash Browns
SnackCottage Cheese with Salsa and Vegetable ChipsHard Boiled EggCottage Cheese with Salsa and Vegetable ChipsHard Boiled EggCelery and Nut Butter with CinnamonEdamame SnackLeftover Spiced Nuts
LunchChicken on Green Salad with Quick DressingVeggie Soup and Deli Meat Roll-upsLeftover Meatloaf and Salad with Quick DressingCollard Wraps with Leftover Coleslaw and SalmonSoup and SaladTuna Salad over Garlic LentilsLeftover Grilled Veggies on Salad with Smokey Meatballs
SnackHard Boiled EggCelery and Nut Butter with CinnamonRaw Nuts, and 1 oz of CheeseCottage Cheese with Salsa and Vegetable ChipsCelery and Nut Butter with CinnamonHomemade Spiced NutsRaw Nuts and 1 oz of Cheese
DinnerShrimp with Garlic Cream Sauce and Bean SaladMeatloaf, with Garlic Collard Greens. *Cook Squash in Oven at the Same Time as Meatloaf, Make Chia Pudding and Put in the Fridge*Turkey, Fennel, and Bean skillet, with Quick ColeslawQuick Asian Stir Fry with Tofu NoodlesTaco SaladGrilled steak, Salad, and Grilled VeggiesRoast Chicken with Asparagus and Baked Potatoes

Fruit and Grain Free Menu Tips:

The easiest way to split up your Potato and Grain combination is to completely eliminate one. For this week we’ll eliminate Grain. Our menus are written following this “avoid one” guideline. You will see reminders in the tips to avoid grain, and remember to always read labels, as different forms fruit or grain can be added to so many foods.

Fruit is added to many foods. These tips will help you avoid fruit, and grain, and give you some tools to spot fruit in some unlikely places. As always, try to steer clear of processed, low nutrient foods. Most all commercial white flour has some form of acid, such as ascorbic acid, that is usually derived from a fruit source. You can replace white flour in baking with whole wheat pastry flour. Find a reputable brand that only uses limited, straight forward ingredients in their flour, such as Bob’s Red Mill.

You will not always know if there is fruit in a commercially produced product, or food at a restaurant. Once you have cleared your diet of any  processed foods, and you’ve been without fruit for some time then your body will be able to tell if you’re eating something reactive. You may notice a change in mood after eating a meal, or you may get some physical reaction. Some people who are reactive to fruit and haven’t had any for an extended period of time, can actually get a physical reaction such as a slight burn in their mouth, or immediate heartburn. Sometimes when people ingest (knowingly or unknowingly) the food they are intolerant to they notice an increased level of anxiety, and their whole mood shifts. Some people notice a more solemn mood. Everyone is different, you will eventually learn your body, and learn what symptoms you get when ingesting fruit.