Sayin’ it like it is

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Why do we so often default to holding our tongue? Is it best? Or is it just protocol? Maybe it is so at days end we can look back and say we didn’t ruffle any feathers and feel okay about who we are. “I’m a nice person,” we might say before drifting into sleep.

I’d wager that holding it in means holding onto it. What good does that do? What if just one truth told added days or weeks or even years of quality to your life? The thing is, we often fear our truths being known. We fear hurting or disappointing someone. We fear being outed as we are. Perhaps underneath these fears are limiting beliefs that are not serving us. I’d argue that what we end up holding in and onto is food for fodder for these limiting beliefs. Could it be you are ready to shine a little light on these mindsets lurking and instructing in your depths? Maybe you are ready to “unset” them. If not now, when? If not by you, then who?

Now saying it like it is can be done in a “non-threatening” or “defensive stance-provoking” way. Sometimes all it takes is speaking from the heart place and consciously avoiding the mind and ego filter. Sometimes the hardest things in life are 1. figuring out what we want, and 2. learning how to ask for what we want.

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Let’s practice together at nuHealth’s first ever “workshop.”