23 Year-Old Chronic Sinusitis Sufferer


The journey of wellness began when my mother suggested I contact Dr. Neale. After a couple weeks of meaning to get around to placing the call, I finally reached out. In terms of my health, I was suffering from chronic sinusitis, chronic bronchitis, and otitis media (ear inflammation). My headache was perpetual, my hearing faint, my sinuses packed with mucus, my eyes oozing with infected mucus from my sinuses, and my lungs itchy and full of green mucus. I was used to a 30+ day course of antibiotics with a week of oral steroids before repeating this process after a brief two to three week break. I was involved in the following medications prior to starting care with Dr. Neale: Omnaris Nasal Spray, Netti Pot with Hydrogen Peroxide, Nose Moisture Gel, Nasal Inhaler, Simply Saline Spray (2 kinds), Room Humidifier, Nasal Strips, Zertec-D, Mucenex-D, Moltrin, Antibiotics (30 + day courses), Oral Steriods (7 Day Courses). The worst part was that I continued to get sicker and sicker. The illness was at the point that I could barely, or at times, not at all hear my students. My ears would pop on the way to work and never unpop. All day I worked without my ability to hear and feeling like there was an inflating balloon in my head. I felt like there was no end in sight. I was just getting worse and I could not seem to pull myself out of the downward spiral. At times the illness was too big of a burden to carry. Living the rest of my life like this seemed impossible. Imagining something worse than my life was not possible. Having a great job, a loving fiancé, and a supportive family, took the back seat to the feeling of pending doom related to my health. Then the Holistic treatments started. Life began to change. With nothing but a sick body, ailing health, and a whole lot of trust in Dr. Neale, I set out on my Holistic Wellness Journey. I really did not know what I was in for, all that I knew is that there did not seem to be another way out. I figured I had two options, either I get better or I die. Well I’m here to tell you that I didn’t die, infact my day 45 journal entry reads as follows: “Today was a pivotal day. I forgot I was sick today. I forgot I suffer from sinusitis. I remember from time to time, when I blow my nose or something. Not one cough today. I spit out post nasal drip once. I can breath through my nose better than I can ever remember. I can smell and taste. I can hear my students. Also, as a happy side-effect of the treatments, my acne has cleared. My friends tell me my skin is glowing. It’s hard to explain. There’s an anticipation inside of me. Almost like a nervousness. An excitement perhaps. I can’t wait to see where this new found health leads me.” My journey is not over yet. But that is just the point. Life is not about the end when all of a sudden a person is healthy. Life is about the journey in which along the way challenges are overcome while achievements are celebrated. These along the way moments create the memories that sustain a lifestyle of wellness.