Dr Neale

Hi Dr Neale, yes, cartwheels are in order.

While leaving your office I was just too overwhelmed in shock and awe in reviewing my excellent lab results, when actually cartwheels should have been in order.  So, I want to express my primitive act regret of not having expressed to you my exuberant joyful gratitude in reference to your accomplished medical counseling succor that has put me well on the road to accomplish one of my milestone health markers of actually obtaining good chemistry lab results.

Prior to your counseling, I had exhausted my own self diagnosis, research, and I felt I was fighting an uphill battle with standard medical procedures and medications that were not having a real affect on my blood work, therefore leaving me distraught in my afflictions and feeling as if I should just accept my ill condition and live with it the best I can till death.  Now all that is prehistoric!

These labs results took a pivot turn to the good because and after you recommended the ALCAT lab testing and then those follow up Spectra Cardio-Metabolic draws.  Once the intolerance food results came in, and with strict adherences to the caveman diet plan (of cage-free Pico-de-gallo Triceratops soup, and a thick slab of grass-fed Barosaurus steak) my health condition starting changing for the better, with a caveman thank you burp and grunt.

Now with your co-enthusiasm of the lab results, the enduring hard-bitten task of maintaining this strict diet, makes it that much easier to abide, and also adding to maintaining that positive effort, I have seen the results and am experiencing the positive effects.  Now, I can sip from the sweet red blood wine chalice of success; thanks coach, everyone should have such a cheerleading coach as you; thanks Doc; just in case if I haven’t said it enough.

Thanks again.