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I am so grateful for Dr. Neale's care of my family

I am so grateful for Dr. Neale's care of my family. I am trying to learn more about natural options to best care for my family and she is so caring and helpful when I am at a loss. This was just a simple routine visit, but am still so thankful to avoid the contemporary medicine and have this wonderful alternative option for so many reasons. The wait time is minimal (especially with kids), the time spent with Dr. Neale is exceptional, and her care style lines up with what I want for my family. I couldn't ask for more!

First doctor to accurately diagnose me...

Dr. Neale is an awesome provider who really takes a personal interest and validates how you are feeling. She is the first doctor I have seen that was able to accurately diagnose and help me get on the mend. Her practice is a breath of fresh air.

Helped every member of our family for 5 years...

Dr. Neale has helped every member of our family over the past five years. She is knowledgeable, professional, courteous, friendly, fun...the list goes on and on. 5 stars barely do her, and her staff, justice!

More than satisfied when meeting with you...

Dr. Neale - I am always more than satisfied when meeting with you. You are such a positive force in my life as I value all your skills and attention!

I have my life back!

The service and customer care at nuHealth Clinic was very satisfying.  Figuring out the problem has been a long and difficult one. Traditional medicine was unable to correctly diagnose the problem. The blessing was finding Dr. Neale and implementing new dietary changes that were pesonalized for me.  The changes were quite difficult initially but ultimately well worth it.  I'm able to resume my normal daily rountine including exercise. I have my life back!

Patient KA

Appreciate the gentle accountability...

I appreciate the gentle accountability and the way you make me feel like it’s okay to be honest.

Guides me to health and happiness...

Dr. Neale is always there for me when I fall. I appreciate her knowledge and gentleness as she guides me to health and happiness.

I am so grateful for your clarity...

I am so grateful for your clarity, patience, kindness, incredible expertise and practical knowledge. So awesome.

So encouraged from my visit...

I was so encouraged from my visit. Dr. Neale (& staff) couldn't have been more accommodating or helpful. I felt validated, like I may have something that is treatable (that she will diagnose) instead of me researching what may be wrong with me and going to the doctor with my "self-diagnosis" & then treated like a hypochondriac.

She's very thorough in her research...

If you know anyone with some health challenges that need a little extra help and/or who aren't getting the results that they want or need via their doctor or through basic nutrition, I'd highly recommend Dr. Neale. Her approach is to look at the entire body and all of your historical records. She's very thorough in her research and assessments and really tries to work with you to propose solutions that you can work with. Plus, if you want nitty gritty details about the why's and hows, she's very patient and informative in providing those.

Patient JB

Clean information...

I liked how clean cut she was with her information!


I always recommend Dr. Neale. She is the best!


I am grateful to Dr. Neale, she is fabulous! On the road to a healthy future and looking forward to it.


Thank you for helping me to see a better picture of what is going on with my body.


Extremely pleasant experience! Informative, friendly, and an overall good time. I'm actually looking forward to coming back.


I love the way that Dr. Neale addresses my whole person and not just an immediate medical need. Feels good to be cared for in that way.


Hi Dr Neale, yes, cartwheels are in order.

While leaving your office I was just too overwhelmed in shock and awe in reviewing my excellent lab results, when actually cartwheels should have been in order.  So, I want to express my primitive act regret of not having expressed to you my exuberant joyful gratitude in reference to your accomplished medical counseling succor that has put me well on the road to accomplish one of my milestone health markers of actually obtaining good chemistry lab results.

Prior to your counseling, I had exhausted my own self diagnosis, research, and I felt I was fighting an uphill battle with standard medical procedures and medications that were not having a real affect on my blood work, therefore leaving me distraught in my afflictions and feeling as if I should just accept my ill condition and live with it the best I can till death.  Now all that is prehistoric!

These labs results took a pivot turn to the good because and after you recommended the ALCAT lab testing and then those follow up Spectra Cardio-Metabolic draws.  Once the intolerance food results came in, and with strict adherences to the caveman diet plan (of cage-free Pico-de-gallo Triceratops soup, and a thick slab of grass-fed Barosaurus steak) my health condition starting changing for the better, with a caveman thank you burp and grunt.

Now with your co-enthusiasm of the lab results, the enduring hard-bitten task of maintaining this strict diet, makes it that much easier to abide, and also adding to maintaining that positive effort, I have seen the results and am experiencing the positive effects.  Now, I can sip from the sweet red blood wine chalice of success; thanks coach, everyone should have such a cheerleading coach as you; thanks Doc; just in case if I haven’t said it enough.

Thanks again.


Dr.Neale provides a very relaxed positive experience. I left feeling confident and excited to move forward. I love the fact that she listens so patiently, It is not as common anymore for one on one care and concern. Dr Neale provides that in her practice.


Thank you Dr. Neale for listening to me and working with me to improve my health. I feel very pleased with my progress and I am hopeful that my health will get better over the next few months. I appreciate the amount of time that you give to me during our appointments and that you also listen to my individual situation and offer wisdom and insight. Thank you!


I recommend you all the time! You are awesome and have changed my whole perception on natural care. 🙂


I wanted to let you know that I am feeling better than I have in years. My skin reaction is gone. It is so nice not to feel my skin constantly. I had no idea that something as simple as diet change could do this. Of course, I have not been loyal to the smoothie and am still trying to find the mojo to commit to working out. I have abandoned my daily bread, but I am allowing myself the slow pace. I can't thank you enough for leading me to this solution.


Dr. Neale operates from a place of high integrity.  Her patients' well-being is her first priority.  She is very dependable.


I have so much gratitude for Dr. Neale. I cannot express how appreciative I am for her and her services. She exudes passion and has been the only one to get to the root issue of my symptoms. Thank you Dr. Neale.


I feel I have the tools to help myself maintain digestive health through your instruction and provided supplements. I feel I know my body better, and have been able to meet my goals. My stomach feels much stronger and I feel much more confident in future health. Thank you!


Dr. Neale is a rare find! Not only is she thorough in her examinations and totally trust inspiring, she is warm and personable and puts her patients at ease. Her dedication is clear and her ability to work with a client's needs is absolutely stellar. She is patient, kind, and always ready to discuss any treatments and answer any questions. I was a partner in my health care! I am grateful to Dr. Neale and her care of all my health needs. This includes the innumerable hoops we both jumped through trying to get my health insurance to cover my visits. Thank you so much, Dr. Neale!

Patient RC


Dr. Nadene Neale takes her work seriously. She will put you at ease with her warm smile and confidence. She is conscious of her patient’s needs down to the details and works hard to find the answers that they need. Rest assured that when working with Dr. Neale, your patient, project or person will be well taken care of.

Patient SF


Dr. Neale is compassionate and extremely dedicated to her work. When working with Dr. Neale, it is obvious that she puts her patients first. She is willing to spend a lot of time and energy in order to ensure the well-being and health of her patients.

Patient JB


Dr. Neale is a rarity, a doctor who spends plenty of time listening. Her treatment is full of compassion and care and that alone would make her a good doctor, but the care combined with her insightful intelligence makes her extraordinary.

Patient JF


Dr. Nadene Neale is extremely warm, compassionate, and hard-working. She truly cares about the patients she works with. She is very thorough in her work-up as well as in her treatment plans. She is very open-minded, and welcomes feedback from colleagues and patients. I highly recommend Dr. Neale as a professional colleague to work with and as a doctor.

Patient MF


Nadene is a wonderful, caring physician. She has a distinct ability to read and understand people, giving her a unique insight into those around her. Her open, honest approach creates a safe environment for her patients that nurtures the growth and change necessary for healing. Nadene works hard for her patients in order to provide them with the best care possible. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a quality Naturopathic doctor.

Patient EM


Nadene’s dedication and care for her patients are beyond reproach. The guidance and advice received lasts a lifetime. Because of her work I am able to keep myself healthy and engaged where I need to be, which is with my students. I cannot imagine where I would be without having worked with Nadene and it is with profound appreciation that I say “thank you.”

Patient MU

23 Year-Old Chronic Sinusitis Sufferer

The journey of wellness began when my mother suggested I contact Dr. Neale. After a couple weeks of meaning to get around to placing the call, I finally reached out. In terms of my health, I was suffering from chronic sinusitis, chronic bronchitis, and otitis media (ear inflammation). My headache was perpetual, my hearing faint, my sinuses packed with mucus, my eyes oozing with infected mucus from my sinuses, and my lungs itchy and full of green mucus. I was used to a 30+ day course of antibiotics with a week of oral steroids before repeating this process after a brief two to three week break. I was involved in the following medications prior to starting care with Dr. Neale: Omnaris Nasal Spray, Netti Pot with Hydrogen Peroxide, Nose Moisture Gel, Nasal Inhaler, Simply Saline Spray (2 kinds), Room Humidifier, Nasal Strips, Zertec-D, Mucenex-D, Moltrin, Antibiotics (30 + day courses), Oral Steriods (7 Day Courses). The worst part was that I continued to get sicker and sicker. The illness was at the point that I could barely, or at times, not at all hear my students. My ears would pop on the way to work and never unpop. All day I worked without my ability to hear and feeling like there was an inflating balloon in my head. I felt like there was no end in sight. I was just getting worse and I could not seem to pull myself out of the downward spiral. At times the illness was too big of a burden to carry. Living the rest of my life like this seemed impossible. Imagining something worse than my life was not possible. Having a great job, a loving fiancé, and a supportive family, took the back seat to the feeling of pending doom related to my health. Then the Holistic treatments started. Life began to change. With nothing but a sick body, ailing health, and a whole lot of trust in Dr. Neale, I set out on my Holistic Wellness Journey. I really did not know what I was in for, all that I knew is that there did not seem to be another way out. I figured I had two options, either I get better or I die. Well I’m here to tell you that I didn’t die, infact my day 45 journal entry reads as follows: “Today was a pivotal day. I forgot I was sick today. I forgot I suffer from sinusitis. I remember from time to time, when I blow my nose or something. Not one cough today. I spit out post nasal drip once. I can breath through my nose better than I can ever remember. I can smell and taste. I can hear my students. Also, as a happy side-effect of the treatments, my acne has cleared. My friends tell me my skin is glowing. It’s hard to explain. There’s an anticipation inside of me. Almost like a nervousness. An excitement perhaps. I can’t wait to see where this new found health leads me.” My journey is not over yet. But that is just the point. Life is not about the end when all of a sudden a person is healthy. Life is about the journey in which along the way challenges are overcome while achievements are celebrated. These along the way moments create the memories that sustain a lifestyle of wellness.

23 Year-Old Chronic Sinusitis Sufferer

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