What Clients are Saying

Adore Dr. Neale!

“I adore Dr. Neale and I’m so grateful for her genius! I credit the turn in my health from bad to good to her. I’ve done more with her in just a couple of years than my whole life with a primary care provider. Boosted my energy, regulated my blood sugar and got my digestion under control. And all the natural way! Go see her. Your body will thank you.”
April Sunset 

No one as special as Dr. Neale.

“There is absolutely no one as special as Dr. Neale. She exemplifies good listening and an uncanny ability to mirror back your own wisdom. She has instilled confidence within me to trust my body’s wisdom while giving me tools to explore all the alarms with curiosity instead of fear! Not to mention how instrumental she is in my young, adult children’s lives now!!! She is a valued elder in our village and thank our lucky stars for her!”
Kathy Carlisle

Everything you could as for…

“Dr Neale is everything you could ask for in a practitioner – she takes time to truly listen and understand, provides great coaching around lifestyle, and makes solid recommendations based on science and and experience. Truly grateful to have found her – she’s made a huge difference in my health and happiness :-)”
Peter Giza

No doctor I trust more…

“There is no doctor I trust more than Dr. Neale. I came to her after trying so many other doctors and she was the only one who truly listened and really helped. I am so grateful to her and to her lovely assistant!”
Lisa Thompson

Dr. Neale is one of a kind.

“Dr. Neale is one of a kind. She treats the whole of each person, not just slapping band aid treatment or symptom relief on and calling it a day (like most docs I’ve seen in my life). She is passionate and knowledgeable about medicine and healing and takes the time to thoroughly educate her clients. I’m continually impressed with her and her staff and would give them my highest recommendation. No matter how you feel now, if you follow her directives you will find health, energy, vitality, and a new zest for life. I promise! I’m a client for life!”
Kelly McGinnis

Highly recommend Dr. Neale!

“Dr Neale is an incredible doctor. For years I battled insomnia with seemingly no end in sight. At the end of my first visit, Dr Neale revealed more solutions than the some total of doctors I have seen throughout my lifetime. Have you ever been to a doctor and felt like they weren’t listening to you? Well that will never happen with Dr Neale. She is someone that truly takes the time to listen to her patients. I highly recommend NuHealth and Dr Neale!”
Ricky P

Dr. Neale is brilliant.

“Dr. Neale is brilliant. I refer my patients to her often and they always report getting great care. When you have a mystery in your body, she will figure it out and help you move towards fantastic health.”

Dr. Roger Barnick, Chiropractor in Salmon Creek

5 stars don’t do her justice…

“Dr. Neale has helped every member of our family over the past five years. She is knowledgeable, professional, courteous, friendly, fun…the list goes on and on. 5 stars barely do her, and her staff, justice!”
Monica Salazar

Recommend her highly.

“Nuhealth clinic has a very knowledgeable and thorough naturopath and staff. I really like her and she has helped me with fibromyalgia and other health issues.
I recommend her highly.”
Rhonda Gibson

Dr. Neale has changed my life.

“Dr. Neale has changed my life. Can’t thank her enough”
Amy Blackwell

No one else comes close.

“I am so, so, SO proud to be able to call Dr. Neale my…doctor? Naturopathic practitioner? I’m not sure if either of those titles even come close but that’s what it says on the plaques on her wall. Dr. Neale doesn’t just nod her head, she listens, with true intent and care. Doesn’t just take notes, but is somehow able to read between the lines of the information you provide (and even sometimes forget to offer up), to paint the whole. Doesn’t just prescribe, but engages. If you’ve been clicking around the internet looking up reviews for the best naturopath in Vancouver WA, you can rest easy because you found her. If you were fortunate enough to find nuHealth on your first search, you’re in for such a treat. Dr. Neale is the finest, most outstanding, caring, most compassionate and knowledgeable naturopath my wife and I have come across.

Far as we’re concerned, no one else comes close.

Georgeanne (or “G”), at the front is an absolute joy and pleasure and she’ll take care of you. Stop looking, call, book an appointment, try the kombucha when you come in, make Dr. Neale’s shake recipes at the front desk because they’re delicious and most of all – start healing.”
Arthur G