Dr Neale nuFoundation

nuHealth clinic Dr. Nadene Neale Vancouver Wa Naturopath best of clark county nufoundationCongratulations on taking the very first step to a nuYOU!

A nu way to think about nutrition, a nu way to listen to your body, a nu method of being truly alive. Your nuHealth. After years of testing and tweaking programs, we’ve finally landed on what we believe will be the jump-start our patients are looking for. And NEED! The nuFoundation package is just that kind of program.

We’re here to support you in whatever way you feel will serve you best. This is not a one-size-fits-all health program/clinic. You’re in charge. You’re runnin’ this show. Ideally our goal at nuHealth is to be ahead of the symptom. A proactive plan for a change! Not reactive after the fact.

Look at this as your reset button. It’s a 7-week+, 3-phase program that has seen amazing results and garnered great feedback from a handful of patients already. We’re not done making it even better though, as always, we welcome any and all feedback on how to make it the best.

You will receive weekly notes/information/videos in your membership area on our website.  

Looking forward to witnessing you eat, hydrate and heal.

Here’s the program in a nutshell:

HOMEWORK Complete Nutritional Intake doc and reviews videos

Phase 1 DISCOVERY (Week 1-2)
OFFICE VISIT: Meet-and-Greet, Intake review,
Exam and labwork, pick up your supplements and nuFoundation packet
AT-HOME VISIT: 1-hour Food Makeover Home Visit with nuCoach, shares intolerances, recommends initial
nutritional plan and guidelines

HOMEWORK (4 weeks) Read more on intolerances, menu ideas, implement plan

Phase 2 INTEGRATE (Week 6)
OFFICE VISIT: 1-hour in-office visit with nuCoach, Q&A, tweak plan if needed

HOMEWORK (1 week) Explore new menu ideas, implement plan tweaks, feel awesome! Complete EXIT intake form.

Phase 3 EXPANSION (Week 7)
OFFICE VISIT: In-office recap visit with
Dr. Neale, recommends next steps