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Why Naturopathy?

Seeing a holistic naturopathic doctor is quite a different experience from seeing a conventional doctor or any practitioner that works strictly by treating the symptoms of disease. Our goal is to keep you proactively healthy by:

  • Addressing the fundamental cause of your illness at the core
  • Using gentle, yet powerful forms of medicine (holistic counseling, herbal remedies, nutrition)
  • Working with you (the patient) holistically (soul/spirit, mind, emotions, and body)

Naturopathic Care. The nuHealth way.

In nature, when stress is put on a system, it adapts to survive. Stress on a system is a signal, an invitation to evolve. Stress should be in short bursts followed by decisive action and change. If stress stymies progress and infests a system virally, the system weakens. Fear of failure inhibits decisive action and the necessary step into vulnerability that puts one on the path of evolution. Change is the only constant.  Surrender to its inevitability.
–Dr. Neale

“I’ve been to several naturopaths through the years and I’ve benefited from each of them. But, Dr. Neale’s approach, her way of forging a doctor-patient relationship, is refreshingly empowering and unique in my experience. Like all good doctors, she listens. One especially stressful period in my life, she asked an insightful question that prompted me to just break down in tears. She lay down her stylus, leaned back in her chair, and said, ‘I’ve got all day. Talk to me.’ And, I did. She often uses another term,

‘Thank you for letting me be part of the conversation about your health.’

She thanks me for letting her help me walk that path to wellness. She presents options, explains thoroughly, and works within whatever parameters I prescribe for her.
She never tries to usurp my health-choice autonomy. I’m always driving the bus, making the choice of direction, and she’s guiding and supporting me in every appropriate way. I like that. I think you will, too.”
  –Patient DK

Seeking sustainable lifestyle change for crazy good health you will exude.

nuHealth Services

Gut Health

Services for GUT
Food compatibility testing. Intestinal integrity testing. Microbiome testing. Functional digestive issues. Proper food hygiene/nutrition.

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Hormone Health

Services for Hormones
State of the Art Hormone Testing. Adrenal hormone imbalance. Thyroid hormone imbalance. Ovarian/Testicular hormone imbalance. Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy, (BHRT).

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Food Intolerance Testing

The most common organ systems to be disturbed and underlie dis-ease are the digestive system and the hormone system. If you can optimize your digestive and hormonal health – you will get a taste of vitality you might not yet know exists.

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Heart Health

Services for Heart Cardiometabolic Risk assessment. Fatty build up in arteries. Elevated blood pressure.

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