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An Introduction to Nutritional Medicine

One of the top three reasons patients are sick is malnourishment. Proper nutrition corrects malnourishment, and most people aren’t sure what good nutrition is, leaving them chronically malnourished. Eliminating malnourishment is a foundational building block to the healing journey.

Additionally, food can not only be “not functional,” therefore not adding anything good or needed to your bodily function, but it can also cause harm. Part of nutritional education is to help patients understand how to properly nourish their bodies and reduce damage by avoiding common foods and drinks that can cause harm.

Why Consider Your Nutrition?

With proper nutrients and nutrient density, the simple day-to-day functions of our bodily systems stay intact and thrive.

Nutrition is a twofold process:

  1. Getting in high-quality-low-toxin-nutrient-dense food multiple times daily in a complete fashion
  2. Assimilating it via digestive capacity.

How Good Nutrition Benefits You

Some of us don’t fully appreciate what high-quality bodily function can feel like. Most people have been living with malnourishment for so long that it’s become their “norm.” The longer you live in a malnourished state, the more likely a more significant disease will come along and develop.

The benefits of finding nourishment not only include preventing more severe and debilitating disease but more, you get to feel vital energy again. Real. Vital. Energy. It’s a thing, and it’s accessible to you. And more, it’s not hard to achieve, nor does it take years or lots of hard effort.

A nuHealth Story

I adore Dr. Neale, and I’m so grateful for her genius! I credit the turn in my health from bad to good to her. I’ve done more with her in just a couple of years than my whole life with a primary care provider. Boosted my energy, regulated my blood sugar and got my digestion under control. And all the natural way! Go see her. Your body will thank you.

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How Can We Help?

It’s possible to test your nutritional status and your digestive capacity. These tests are commonly employed to help illuminate your baseline nutritional status before treatment. However, testing isn’t always necessary. Often, just by interview alone, your doctor can discern whether or not you’re malnourished or inflamed and whether or not your digestive function is working at total capacity or, instead, if your digestion is compromised. Once we know what to fix, we can get started fixing it!

Next Steps

Schedule your appointment with Dr. Neale to start the learning process. You can determine your level of malnourishment and learn straightforward strategies to improve it quickly. You can know how you might be harming yourself with food or drink. You can learn easily applicable small changes to update your behavior to not only avoid self-harm but also to improve your health and vitality.

It's Time for a New Perspective!

At nuHealth we know that you want to get back to being the creative core being that is your true self, but in order to do that, you need a doctor that wants to treat the whole you.