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Lifestyle Coaching

“I should eat better. I should exercise more. I should take my vitamins. I do well for a while, but then I fall off. Where do I start?”

If this sounds like your internal dialogue, welcome! There are so many contradictory opinions on what is healthy and what isn’t. For instance, it’s expensive and time-consuming to eat well.

Self-care is at the core of what we do. It doesn’t amount to much, though, if you are unsure of how to move forward or you are unsure of what that means. You don’t know what you don’t know. We are here to help.

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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

Our goal in helping patients achieve balanced hormone levels has a twofold purpose. First and foremost, we look to address and alleviate the symptoms our patients are experiencing. Equally important is harnessing the protective benefits that these hormones naturally provide.

Our own hormones, produced by our bodies, play a crucial role in safeguarding various aspects of our health, including the cardiovascular system, brain and nervous system, bone health, muscle strength, skin vitality, eye health, and overall well-being.

To maintain both the protective benefits and effective symptom management through hormone therapy, we focus on ensuring that hormone levels remain in harmony with the body’s natural state – not too low, but also not excessively high. Achieving this delicate balance requires attentive monitoring of symptoms, patient discussion (check-ins), and regular hormone level testing.

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Are You New to Naturopathic Medicine?

If so, no worries. We know that there can be a lot of questions, and even some concerns, about taking the road less traveled. There are times when conventional medicine cannot give us the answers we need — yet, we still need answers. Naturopathy is about looking beyond your HMO’s limited line of sight. Click on the button below and you can learn about the naturopathic tools we use to what to expect from this process. Welcome!

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To test or not to test? That’s the big question. When it comes to weighing the pros and cons, it’s all about balancing cost and benefit. In our experience, testing has proven to be incredibly valuable. Think of it like having a picture to guide you when solving a puzzle. Without it, it can be a real challenge and take more time. That’s why, whenever we can run tests – whether it’s blood, stool, saliva, urine, or swabs – we’re all for it!

Occasionally, though, testing may not be necessary or helpful. But as a general rule, more data on hand is better! It helps us narrow down potential causes of health issues.

Now, let’s talk cost. We’ve partnered with labs that offer low cash rates for their panels, making your labs affordable. The more affordable the more accessible, and that’s the goal: bring diagnostic access to the patient. At nu you can self-order any lab we offer. You get agency at nu, we co-create your healing journey, together.

Contact us for a list of labs we regularly use for testing.

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Nutrition & Nutritional Supplements

Nutrition is foundational. Our digestive system is where the outside world meets the inside world. Each organ system is like a little factory requiring raw material (aka nutrients) for its work. If the food you choose is nutrient deficient, productivity slumps! If you don’t know how to eat, i.e. chewing, productivity slumps! If the food consumed is “toxic” to the individual system, productivity halts!

To avoid slumping and halting one needs to learn the ins and outs of nutrient. Which foods are nutrient dense and how to prepare them, how to eat food, and which foods are “toxic” to their systems specifically. If an organ system is compromised often it can take dense and specific nutrition in concentrated form (supplement) to re-nourish the system and restore its function.

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Sebastian Kneipp is the father of Hydrotherapy and water cure treatments. Hydrotherapy is the use of cold water to effect blood content and movement. “Kneipp’s system is as simple as his success is great; Kniepp defended the principle that all origin of disease was in the blood, containing either morbid matter or not circulating right.

The influence of cold water was to regulate the circulation of the blood and to force it to secrete morbid matter by means of the skin. Small pox and thyphoid fever for instance he cured in comparatively short time.”

A nuHealth Story

There is absolutely no one as special as Dr. Neale. She exemplifies good listening and an uncanny ability to mirror back your own wisdom. She has instilled confidence within me to trust my body's wisdom while giving me tools to explore all the alarms with curiosity instead of fear! Not to mention how instrumental she is in my young, adult children’s lives now!!! She is a valued elder in our village and thank our lucky stars for her!



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Homeopathy is a fascinating and powerful form of medicine. It involves using highly diluted herbal and mineral remedies to address various health issues. The word “Homeo” in Latin means “same,” “like,” or “similar,” which reflects the essence of this approach – “like dissolves like.”

To put it simply, just as you would use dish soap to effectively clean greasy pans, homeopathic remedies work by using potentized dilutions of substances that would, in their natural form, induce similar symptoms. For example, if you’re experiencing nausea, a homeopathic remedy made from Ipecac, which can naturally induce nausea and vomiting, might be used to help relieve those symptoms.

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Herbal medicine, the use of botanical remedies that contain active constituents that elicit change on a system. When used appropriately herbal medicine is safe and effective and allows creativity and versatility in intervention with doing no additional harm.

Practitioners of herbal medicine successfully and routinely treat strep throat, urinary tract infections, insomnia, anxiety, elevated blood pressure, upper respiratory infections, bronchitis, hot flashes, etcetera, with individualized botanical formulations.

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It's Time for a New Perspective!

At nuHealth we know that you want to get back to being the creative core being that is your true self, but in order to do that, you need a doctor that wants to treat the whole you.