“I feel so much better. One morning the sun came into the room, I saw cobwebs and dust. I started cleaning. I have different motivation, engagement. The fog lifted. I am awake. My energy level is better. Then I started this exercise thing and worked out so hard that my muscles swelled up and I couldn’t touch my face for a couple days because I couldn’t use my arms. I had to lift one arm with my other arm just to wash my hair. My hips don’t hurt anymore. And my skin is really soft.”

Patient SA

“There is absolutely no one as special as Dr. Neale. She exemplifies good listening and an uncanny ability to mirror back your own wisdom. She has instilled confidence within me to trust my body’s wisdom while giving me tools to explore all the alarms with curiosity instead of fear! Not to mention how instrumental she is in my young, adult children’s lives now!!! She is a valued elder in our village and thank our lucky stars for her!”

Kathy Carlisle

A nuHealth Story

Dr. Neale is one of a kind. She treats the whole of each person, not just slapping band aid treatment or symptom relief on and calling it a day (like most docs I’ve seen in my life). She is passionate and knowledgeable about medicine and healing and takes the time to thoroughly educate her clients. I’m continually impressed with her and her staff and would give them my highest recommendation. No matter how you feel now, if you follow her directives you will find health, energy, vitality, and a new zest for life. I promise! I’m a client for life!

Kelly McGinnis

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