Scheduling Appointments

How do I schedule an appointment?

Excellent. Congratulations on deciding to pursue health proactively! Dr. Neale is a great addition to your health board of directors. Please call our clinic to set up your initial visit at 360-836-5730.

Why do you need to store my credit card on file?

We keep a credit card on file because we have a strict cancellation policy. If you should need to cancel your appointment we need 48 hours notice, and reschedule/cancellation requests are only accepted during business hours. Without sufficient notice you will be charged a cancellation fee (50% of the time reserved for you). Just give us a call or send us an email if you need to reschedule your appointment with at least 48 hours notice.

I need to get my allergies tested. Can Dr. Neale help?

Dr. Neale can facilitate several different food compatibility tests. It is generally best to discuss the options for testing with Dr. Neale during your visit.

What does Dr. Neale specialize in?

Dr. Neale specializes in finding the root causes of your symptoms. She uses basic and specialized diagnostic tools to help you sort out the dysfunction and where it started. She practices general medicine, that said the most common presenting diseases affect the gut-brain axis, the heart, and the hormone systems.

Is Dr. Neale a real Doctor?

Dr. Neale is licensed by the WA Health Dept and WA state as a Primary Care Physician serving WA state residents. She maintains her license annually by meeting approved continuing education requirements.

I love my primary care doctor, will Dr. Neale work with my primary care doctor?

Although Dr. Neale is licensed as a Primary Care Physician in WA state she prefers to serve adjunct to each patient’s primary care doctor.. She sits on the “health board” for her patients. Someone they can consult to bring another perspective or paradigm of medicine to the decision table.

I need help building a fasting regimen for a chronic illness. Is there someone knowledgeable in the area?

Yes, Dr. Neale could help with that. She is well-versed in developing nutrition and dietary plans to address various chronic disease presentations.

Does Dr. Neale offer some kind of membership program?

No. Not at this time.

I have an urgent complaint, can I have a 30 min visit with Dr. Neale?

Yes, we can usually accommodate your acute visit even if Dr. Neale works during her lunch or at the end of her normally scheduled clinic day.

What is a hydrotherapy treatment?

Hydrotherapy is an old treatment that has been modernized which uses hot and cold towels as well as gentle electrical stimulation to trigger circulation, immune response and lymphatic flow.

What do I do if I am taking antibiotics? Should I continue my probiotic?

Great question! Dr. Neale’s recommendation would be yes, take a probiotic – just don’t take it at the same time of day as you take your antibiotic. Alternatively she recommends a restorative program once your finished with your antibiotic course.

How long has Dr. Neale been in practice?

15 years.

Cost / Payments

Will this be hard?

Let’s assume that most people, including you, find change hard. Hard is what we do here at nuHealth. We say, bring the hard, we’ll break it down into its easier “bite size” parts.

I’ve tried everything, nothing has worked, my doctor tells me I’m fine, but I don’t feel fine, where do I start?

At the beginning. However, the beginning is new each day. Your beginning today is a very different beginning from 5 years ago. Dr. Neale wants to help you find your hope and overcome overwhelm. She’ll work with you to help you demystify your body’s dis-ease and find simple and accessible steps you can say yes to that will bring you towards yet another new beginning.

How much does an appointment cost?

The initial visit with Dr. Neale is 90 minutes and costs $295. Subsequent visits vary in cost and range from $125 to $195 depending on length and complexity.

Does Dr. Neale accept insurance?

No, we do not for our services, but we can use your insurance for certain labs and other studies. But honestly, it is hard for insurance to cover our type of medicine because we focus on true care. Most insurances are built to protect you in case of an emergency, not really for day-to-day health. We find that by eliminating the high cost of working with insurance we can provide lots of care before the average person would meet their deductible.

Do you know if Care Credit would work with Dr. Neale?

No, Care Credit does not allow ND’s.

Supplements / Medications

Can I get a refill on my xxx supplement?

Absolutely! I will get an invoice going for this order and run your card on file.
*We run the card on file unless we are told otherwise.

I ran out of ____ support, do I need a refill?

Dr. Neale recommends that a supplement stays on board until your next check-in (whether that be an office visit or labs). You may also check if your past treatment plan has any specifics regarding the duration of each supplement.

Why is Turmeric so expensive?

Yes, it is a spendy supplement, mainly because of the processing of Turmeric. There are both unconjugated and conjugated curcuminoids in turmeric. The unconjugated are the most medicinal and powerful especially when combined with synergists (e.e. Fenugreek, in its most medicinal and potent form). It’s powerful medicine. At this time Medi-Herb is the only manufacturer in the world of turmeric products that contain the unconjugated curcuminoids. In short, there isn’t a replacement product. However, conjugated curcuminoids are still medicinal! I have used Curcumax Pro by Integrative Therapeutics in the past. I’ve had success in reducing hsCRP (inflammation) and lipids (cholesterol) as well as reducing arthritic pain in patients with its use.

Does Dr. Neale Treat...?

I have ______ symptoms, does Dr. Neale have supplements for this?

Answer varies by case. Usually the answer is yes, but we do charge a formulation fee if something is made outside of a visit.

I have been having stomach pain, headaches, steady weight gain, is this something Dr. Neale could help with?

Certainly! Dr. Neale has had success helping patients with such problems. I could get you scheduled for a visit in the office or I could schedule you for a free 15 min meet and greet phone call with Dr. Neale so that you may get a better understanding of her treatment plan.

I have been having joint/muscle pain, is this something Dr. Neale could help with?

Certainly! Dr. Neale has had success helping patients with such problems. I could get you scheduled for a visit in the office or I could schedule you for a free consultation with Dr. Neale so that you may get a better understanding of her treatment plan.

What kind of methods does Dr. Neale use in her practice?

She has a holistic approach. She looks at the whole picture and gets to the root of the problem to correct health problems.

I have a rash/Eczema on my body. How can Dr. Neale help?

She works with you to understand why you have the rash and then addresses the underlying cause.

Does Dr. Neale do acupuncture?

Dr. Neale’s focus is finding the root cause of disease and she uses functional medicine. She uses nature cure remedies to correct health problems. She does not use needles. Would you like to learn more about Dr. Neale’s techniques?

I’d like to check my vitamin levels, and do an annual check-up. What does that look like with Dr. Neale?

We can get you on the books for a comprehensive visit. You and Dr. Neale can discuss laboratory/nutrient testing options and diagnosis during your visit.

My child needs a sports physical examination.

Let’s get him scheduled for a brief 30 min child’s visit.

Can Dr. Neale write out a referral to see a _____ specialist?

Yes. Dr. Neale will take the time to review your case and write a referral. Estimated time for this is 10-30 min depending on the complexity of your case. A letter writing fee is applied.

Why do I take _____ supplement? What is it for?

It’s best to email Dr. Neale through your portal to ask her for clarity and a more thorough explanation. She responds to emails T-Th and has a 1-2 day response time.

Does Dr. Neale do Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)?

Yes. Dr. Neale specializes in low-dose compounded bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. She ensures that patients measure their levels every six months to not only monitor the safety and treatment but also the efficacy.

Does Dr. Neale do B12 injections?

Yes, indirectly. She prescribes compounding B vitamin injections that are self-administered.

Can Dr. Neale help with fertility?

Yes, she has had success with fertility by helping “mom” get to her healthiest not only hormonally, but also in general. We can schedule a free 15-minute meet and greet phone call to help you better understand her approach.

Is Dr. Neale able to write prescriptions?

Yes, when indicated and within her prescribing ability of legend pharmaceuticals.

Can Dr. Neale help with weight loss?

Dr. Neale works to improve metabolic and organ function, balance hormones, improve microbiome health, decongest the liver, and reduce leptin resistance and other obstacles to weight loss. This often leads to shedding. Additionally, in cases of obesity, she can prescribe certain pharmaceuticals that enhance weight loss like a semaglutide.


I think I am due for repeat labs, do I need to get something scheduled?

Let’s review your lab recalls in your chart. Feel free to call the desk and they will help you navigate next steps. If needed they can ask Dr. Neale.

Office Questions

I received some correspondence (Bill/Invoice/EOB) from my insurance company, why did I receive this?

We’d be happy to research this for you. Typically for most of our labs an explanation of benefits (EOB) isn’t alarming. An EOB isn’t a bill, it just informs you that your insurance was billed. It does not mean that the lab is billing you directly whether or not your insurance covers any of the lab cost. Most of our private labs need to show that they billed the patient insurance, but they do not bill the patient.

Can I speak with Dr. Neale?

Absolutely. Dr. Neale likes to be as accessible as feasible. If you have an urgent need we can interrupt her visit and notify her that there is an emergency. If your need isn’t urgent it is fastest to send her a message through Charm to Dr. Neale. Or you can schedule an acute visit and we can squeeze it in during her lunch.


How do I log into my online portal?

Visit use the username you created and reset your password if needed. If you need more help please do not hesitate to call our desk. We can walk you through it or help you troubleshoot if needed.

Where do I find my patient summary?

In your portal under patient summaries.

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