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Introduction to Diagnostic Testing

We contract with various labs for assessments at the most competitive flat cash-pay rates—no surprise costs. We manage the order, receiving, reporting results, and all the other moving parts for you.

Once established as a patient at nuHealth (nu), patients can order whatever labs they want, whenever they want, without needing a doctor’s approval. They request the lab, and Dr. Neale creates a lab order. Results are uploaded to the patient portal as they arrive and are available for patient review immediately upon upload. Or, you and Dr. Neale can determine which labs are essential and worth your investment of time, hope, energy, effort, interest, and money.

Why Diagnostics?

Without data, your doctor makes clinical assessments based only on historical subjective reports and physical exams. Many people have been living with illness for so long that they normalize their disease making the assessment more challenging. That is sad. Suffering when there is obvious, safe, affordable, and effective treatment seems senseless.

How They Benefit You

Having even baseline diagnostic data can accelerate the healing process by targeting treatment. Additionally, having follow-up data to compare to the baseline data helps your doctor understand whether the treatment is effective and within safe and expected ranges.

A nuHealth Story

Dr. Neale is brilliant. I refer my patients to her often and they always report getting great care. When you have a mystery in your body, she will figure it out and help you move towards fantastic health.

Dr. Roger Barnick

Chiropractor in Salmon Creek

How We Can Help

We offer an array of cutting-edge diagnostic screenings:

  • Lab Corp: blood testing, metabolic testing, diabetes, inflammation screening, iron testing, vitamin D testing, organ function testing, thyroid disease, and screening for other common and uncommon diseases.
  • Diagnostechs: adrenal and sex steroid (hormone) testing in the saliva.
  • Dutch/Precision Analytical: adrenal and sex steroid (hormone) testing in the urine and saliva.
  • Microbiome Labs: microbiome testing and stool testing for pathogens or parasites.
  • AVISE/Exagen: extensive and specialty autoimmune testing.
  • Vibrant-Wellness: methylation marker cancer screening, advanced cardiovascular risk markers, heavy metal, mycotoxin, environmental pollutant/chemical testing, extensive microbiome, gut pathogen, gut function markers, and food allergen testing.
  • Esoguard: screening for predictive esophageal cancer markers.


Imaging Facilities:

  • Vital Care Imaging: ultrasound.
  • Rayus Imaging: ultrasound.
  • OHSU: Cardiovascular risk for arterial thickening, plaque formation via Coronary Calcium Scoring Computed Tomography (CT) and Carotid Ultrasound with Intimal Thickening (CU/CIMT).

Blood Draw Centers:

  • Lab Corp: blood draw center.
  • VenaCare: mobile phlebotomy/draw center. Vena Care also offers therapeutic phlebotomy for iron overload treatment and intramuscular/subcutaneous vitamin injections.

Next Steps

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