What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic medicine is a collection of both diagnostic tools and treatments that use both modern diagnostics alongside evidence based natural remedies to help correct dysfunction, nourish, and recover damaged organ tissue.

Doctor in session with patient.

How Can a Naturopathic Doctor Help?

So, why naturopathic medicine? A Naturopathic Doctor can help you sort out what’s going wrong in your body. They do this by:

  • Reviewing all the previous diagnoses you’ve been given by your other doctors and specialists
  • By understanding the medication you’ve been prescribed and are taking
  • By looking over historical lab work and imaging results
  • By integrating in new data from new labs and imaging results
  • By taking a careful history of your symptoms and their severity across all the organ systems of your body

With this information, an ND can begin to put the puzzle that is you together. Figuring out where all these pieces go is how we get you back to your best core self.

Dr. Neale, Naturopathic Doctor

Who is Dr. Neale, and what is the nuHealth Clinic Focus?

Dr. Neale is a passionate medical professional with a unique approach to patient care. She seamlessly blends traditional naturopathic wisdom with modern scientific research. As a certified holistic counselor, she believes in supporting patients’ emotional well-being. With her expertise in diverse diagnostic methods, she provides comprehensive assessments, leading to effective treatment plans.

Dr. Neale’s goal is to create a safe space where patients feel comfortable opening up and exploring their health concerns. She employs a balanced blend of natural and pharmaceutical interventions to promote healing and resolution. Her dedication to delivering a high-quality and valuable healthcare experience shines through in her practice, nuHealth. Contact Dr. Neale today and embark on a journey toward holistic well-being.

Doctor showing a patient information on an iPad

What Should I Expect During My First Naturopathic Medicine Visit?

Our first visit is designed to comprehensively onboard you into nuHealth. We have a lot of data gathering to do. We need to know about your past medical history, your family medical history, your previous diagnoses, your medications/supplements, your lab results and imaging results, your current diet and lifestyle patterns, and your current symptoms across all organ systems, etc.

This information is carefully organized into your patient portal for ongoing reference and use. It’s important to document your baseline, it’s our starting place. It’s the beginning.

The Big Question

Am I Really Ready for a Naturopathic Exploration?

Many patients don’t quite understand what a comprehensive health exploration is really all about. They are used to 5-10 mins once a year to cover basics with their general doctor. The Naturopathic approach is quite a different approach, it’s not an annual visit, it’s a journey. You are the hero of this journey, and the Doctor is the guide.

Often physical symptoms that patients haven’t been able to resolve on their own bring them to explore Naturopathic medicine. Or, they’ve tried all the standard of care treatments and they are still sick, or now more sick, and they are desperate for relief so they will “try anything.”

Naturopathic medicine is not often the first place people turn, it’s often the last place. A last resort, it’s a “try anything.” Why? Well, because it’s more costly than one annual co-pay, it involves finding a trusted fit, it typically involves change and change is hard, and people don’t want to “try” a bunch of costly supplements without knowing if they are going to help.

But more, is that somewhere inside of themselves they know that they will have to face some discomfort in order to heal. They know they will have to sit in the discomfort, get to know it, get to know it well, until they know it so well it that it finally transforms into comfort.

Sometimes the exploration involves deep-diving into subconscious beliefs that are limiting, that aren’t serving. The Naturopathic approach involves honoring all of our dimensions and parts. Not infrequently, lurking in shadows, we find fears. Fear of being disliked, of disappointing people we love, fear of failure, of being alone, of not being worthy or enough.

You sought out a Naturopathic approach to figure out how to solve your gastric reflux and you find yourself tearful talking about pockets of suffering you’ve got tucked away in storage. The thing is, the reflux is in part due to the dairy, sugar, and flour you consume, but also, the stored suffering plays it’s part in causation as well. In order to heal, you have to not only avoid the dairy, flour, and sugar, but more, you have to face the tears, the emotion, expressing them, and being – seen.

It's Time for a New Perspective!

At nuHealth we know that you want to get back to being the creative core being that is your true self, but in order to do that, you need a doctor that wants to treat the whole you.