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Introduction to the Counseling Process

Holistic Counseling is a breakthrough healing method uniting the worlds of mind-body medicine & psychology.

It’s described as a revolutionary form of Counseling that helps the patient discover their healing by connecting mind and body to resolve even physical illness.

“The benefits of exploring your subconscious for limiting beliefs are innumerable.”

Why Holistic Counseling?

After a couple of thousand interviews, I have learned that healing is an emotional thing to do. I’ve also noted that those who avoid the emotion of healing have less success. I needed to ensure I was adequately equipped as a practitioner to help patients navigate each dimension, including their emotional dimension.

It’s a profound experience, creating a safe place for someone to witness their subconscious and limiting beliefs and then helping them find permission to decide whether those beliefs are true and serving.

Why Should I Consider Counseling?

The benefits of exploring your subconscious for limiting beliefs are innumerable. For example, suppose you are toting around a belief limiting you, like a ball and chain. In that case, that is getting in the way of you making progress, change, and evolving.

You can move away from it after learning more about where it came from and deciding whether or not it’s true or serving; it’s simply put, game-changing. It’s not as hard, scary, uncomfortable, or as long of a process as you think either. Holistic Counseling in about getting to the root source of illness and how our own beliefs play a part in our overall health.

A nuHealth Story

There is absolutely no one as special as Dr. Neale. She exemplifies good listening and an uncanny ability to mirror back your own wisdom. She has instilled confidence within me to trust my body’s wisdom while giving me tools to explore all the alarms with curiosity instead of fear! Not to mention how instrumental she is in my young, adult children’s lives now!!! She is a valued elder in our village and we thank our lucky stars for her!

Kathy Carlisle

How Can We Help?

You can schedule a 60 or 90-minute Holistic Counseling session with Dr. Neale. Additionally, during a standard visit, Holistic Counseling might happen spontaneously and with your permission if needed.

Next Steps

Schedule your appointment and bravely, with knowledgeable support, search for those answers that lie deeper within you.

It's Time for a New Perspective!

At nuHealth we know that you want to get back to being the creative core being that is your true self, but in order to do that, you need a doctor that wants to treat the whole you.