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Getting Started with Medication Cessation

Many patients arrive at nuHealth wishing to they could stop taking “so many medications that have all these side effects”. The truth is that they medications they have been told they need to use aren’t really treating the problem and seem to be causing more.

Many medications can be safely stopped with medical oversight once the root cause of the problem is addressed. Modern medicine, though, is not focused on addressing the root cause of issues. It is faster to triage the patient’s issues, giving them temporary relief…as long as they stay on the medication.

Medication cessation is about changing direction, moving from triage to discovery to resolution. Once we can identify the root problem(s) affecting you, we can address them and work on backing off prescribed medications.

Why Cease Using Medication?

Pharmaceutical medication, for all the good things it can do, is most often a shortsighted treatment rather than a long term solution. Many medications that manage the dominant chronic ailments that plague our modern patients are myopic. They help people avoid doing the hard work of making the necessary changes that solve their disease. As a result, the medications allow the disease to move further and deeper into their systems, creating more layers of dysfunction and disease.

This short term solution also has another (expensive) downside, many medications have varying degrees of harmful side effects that can damage the liver, the kidneys, and other areas of the body.

Benefits of Medication Cessation

The goal of medication cessation is to reduce the escalating harm done to the body from years of taking prescription medications.

The primary benefit of the cessation process is that we are able to develop a positive method of treatment that indicates when we’ve addressed the root cause of your disease — allowing us to start reducing the amount of prescription medication you’re taking.

More than that, we also reduce or eliminate the hassle dealing with Dr. prescriptions, pharmacies, lab monitoring for safety, and organizing and filling pill boxes.

A nuHealth Story

I adore Dr. Neale and am so grateful for her genius! I credit the turn in my health from bad to good to her. I’ve done more with her in just a couple of years than my whole life with a primary care provider. Boosted my energy, regulated my blood sugar, and got my digestion under control. And all the natural way! See her. Your body will thank you.

April S.

How We Can Help

To successfully stop taking medication that is not treating the cause of your disease and is potentially causing you additional harm, you need to do a couple of things in a particular order.

  1. Get started developing a plan for medication cessation with a qualified physician. Most medication should not be stopped abruptly OR without a supportive plan in place.
  2. This plan will involve careful monitoring of your associated symptoms to ensure you can safely stop your medication. If you take multiple medications you will need a plan for each medication as well as an order of priority of cessation.
  3. Discuss the plan you’ve developed with your original prescriber. Let your prescriber know your plan for medication cessation to ensure your prescriber feels your plan is safe.

Dr. Neale routinely works with her patients to help them determine which medications should be safely stopped and which should be continued with careful monitoring to minimize harmful side effects.

Next Steps

It’s easy to get into a negative loop in which your primary care physician prescribes a medication and then continues to increase the dose over time as your body becomes more and more resistant to the medicine. Instead of treating the root cause of the problem, they tell you to just keep taking your medication because it is the best solution for you.

The primary benefit of the cessation process is that we are able to develop a positive method of treatment.

Over time this cycle makes it impossible to get off your meds. There needs to be another way. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Neale today to get yourself one step closer to a medication-free lifestyle.

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