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Is Naturopathic Medicine Real?

By Nadene Neale | | Naturopathic Medicine

Heck yea, naturopathic medicine is real! And if you’re using it right, it should blow your socks off. No socks should remain on your feet.

If you want plenty of time with a medical professional to sort out all of your symptoms, to feel heard, to understand what might be contributing to your disease process, to order and integrate comprehensive and detailed diagnostics, to work and collaborate with specialists, and to individually tailor evidence-based potent or gentle nature-based medicines to correct your disease at causation level to in turn alleviate your symptoms, then look no further than your local licensed naturopath.

Is Naturopathic Medicine Scientific?

Licensed naturopaths are educated and trained to deliver evidence-based modalities to affect positive change and afford your body the material it needs to heal itself without doing harm. They interpret and integrate diagnostic lab or imaging data alongside your symptom presentation to determine which organ systems are under-functioning. They work to find the underlying causation of the dysfunction and treat it.

Are Naturopaths Real Doctors?

When compared to allopathic medical education (MD/DO) naturopathic medical education (ND) standards overlap insofar that ND’s are considered primary care physicians in licensed states enabling them to order labs and imaging, diagnose, treat, examine, prescribe, and de-prescribe pharmaceutical drugs. ND Students are required to have a bachelor’s degree with qualifying pre-medicine credits, to satisfactorily pass graduate-level entrance exams, and once accepted into a medical school, to satisfactorily complete course work, basic science boards, clinical boards, clinical rotations, and a clinical practicum.

…naturopathic medical education (ND) standards overlap insofar that ND’s are considered primary care physicians in licensed states…

Naturopathic medical schools are accredited and require a minimum of 4 years of coursework and clinical study. Costs for an ND education will cost each student upwards of $365,000. Naturopathic medical education is rigorous and only those with a ton of fortitude, perseverance, and passion complete the program. No faint-hearted wear the ND title. Once licensed, ND’s need to maintain their license by completing continuing education requirements annually.