“But I don’t feel right, I’m tired all of the time.”

By Nadene Neale | | News

“My doctor says all my labs are normal. But I don’t feel right. I’m tired all of the time.”

Although FATIGUE is very very common, it is NOT normal.

One should…

  • Wake refreshed
  • Sleep well
  • Have a healthy libido
  • Have sustained energy throughout the day
  • Be able to focus and concentrate and stay on task
  • Pass regular bowel movements
  • Maintain a steady weight without continual weight gain
  • Have a steady mood
  • Have warm hands and feet
  • Skin that isn’t dry
  • And for the ladies, relatively uneventful periods

One should not….

  • Experience night sweats
  • Have thinning hair (aside from male pattern balding)
  • Have gradual, but continual weight gain
  • Have a low or depressed mood
  • Need to sleep in long pants and long sleeve shirts with layers of blankets and a heating pad

Even if your thyroid labs are ‘normal’ and your doctor says, “your thyroid function is fine.” It may not be – fine. Thyroid labs are useful for identifying clinical thyroid disease. They are not useful for identifying SUBclinical thyroid disease.

Subclinical thyroid disease is classified by the way the patient feels in addition to a few physical exams that closely correlate with an underfunctioning thyroid gland, i.e. body temperature & the achilles reflex.

Are you living with subclinical thyroid function?

Rest assured that subclinical thyroid disease is extremely common and easily treated. Treatments may include hormone replacement such as hormone replacement therapy in Caledonia, MI or hormone replacement therapy in Odessa, TX.  HRT can help with subclinical thyroid disease since it can balance your hormones. For more information, you can consult services that do hormone pellet therapy in Tinley Park, IL and other areas.