Dr. Nadene Neale

Dr. Neale: building a foundation. Literally.

By Nadene Neale | | Heal with Dr. Neale

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i am building you a clinic and going back to school. nuHealth clinic Dr. Nadene Neale Vancouver Wa Naturopath Building

Maybe you didn’t know this about me. I love to build. I love building houses, tables, doors, wall pieces, desks, and anything from salvaged wood. Now, I’m finally building you a clinic. It’s like any worthwhile endeavor, long time in the making, short window to bring it to fruition. I could not be more excited to bring you nuHealth Clinic – finally standing on its own two legs!

I am ever a student of the body and mind and how to effect change within. Starting in June, I’ll be taking sabbatical one weekend per month. During this weekend I will be studying herbal medicine under the tutelage of Lee Carroll, Medical Herbalist. After a year of study and exams, I’ll earn a “Masters Certification” in herbal medicine. I could not be more excited to enhance my understanding of phytochemical extraction, preservation, synergy and use. 

Did you know that phytochemicals literally hop on the back of RNAses and direct our genetic transcription and translation! That’s spell bounding.

During this time of learning, I’ll be expanding nuHealth’s herbal medicinary with the highest quality herbal extractions manufacturers have to offer! 
So – um – get excited about fun wood creations and herbal expertise!