Good Bug-Feeding Hi-Fiber Smoothie

By Nadene Neale | | News

Try this for breakfast!

  1. A handful of greens. I buy these in bulk, super, organic, baby, power greens in a tub. I toss the tub in the freezer and it then won’t go bad waiting for me to use it up!
  2. A splash of frozen fruit: organic berries, mango, peaches, or cherries.
  3. A handful of frozen nuts (organic and raw), i.e. cashew, hazelnut, almond.
  4. A handful of frozen seeds (organic and raw), i.e. pumpkin, sunflower, chia, sesame, flax.
  5. A scoop of raw cacao powder.
  6. A scoop of vitamin C powder.
  7. A scoop of collagen (Great Lakes – Green Bottle).
  8. A quarter of an avocado.
  9. Water to cover.
  10. Cooked black beans, about 10.
And for lunch: A quick fiber rich bug-feeding stir-fry. 
Try a bean, mushroom, and onion stir-fry topped with a little Frank’s RedHot sauce (it’s not actually hot, it is red though) and avocado.