Immune system down? Feeling off?

By Nadene Neale | | Heal with Dr. Neale

It’s no coincidence that you feel better when you take care of yourself.

Maybe you’re a caregiver, a parent, a spouse. You put everyone ahead of yourself. Your turn! When we’ve spent ALL of our own physical and emotional stores, we truly have no more inventory to share with another. We’re unable to handle any stresses that come our way. We’re just maxed out.
It doesn’t take a whole day or even any money to show yourself some love. The act of self care triggers the relaxation response, which is support on a physical level. We need that first. Then we take care of ourselves on an emotional level, an energetic level, a spiritual level -and well – you get the point. It’s good for you all around.

nuHealth clinic Dr. Nadene Neal Vancouver Wa Naturopath foot bathSome of my favorite self-care rituals:

  • Journal or Morning Pages.
  • Take a whiff of eucalyptus essential oil (diffuse it, too!).
  • Pop over to the LEM self-care center!
  • Brew myself a cup of exotic herbal tea and savor each sip with my eyes closed.
  • Catch a Bikram yoga class.
  • Take a bath with candles in epsom salt and essential oils.
  • Give myself a probiotic facial.
  • Get my nails did.
  • Meditate.
  • Soak feet in epsom salt and essential oil.
  • Say no.
  • Say something I’ve been needing to say, out loud, to the person I need to say it to.

And LOVE this, my new favorite community space:

Fact of the matter is, you matter. And if you are NOT YOU, 100%, FULL, LIVE, AND ALIVE, you are not giving your mate (or whomever it is you’re caregiving) the best version of you. It’s not selfish to care for your self. Do not let yourself get to regret or resentment. Take that moment to yourself and relish the heck out of EVERY SECOND OF it.
Put it on the calendar. ME MONDAY at 7. Or SELF SATURDAY at 9. Do this for your health. You are worthy.