Key to MOVING: the 3 Cs

By Nadene Neale | | Heal with Dr. Neale

nuHealth clinic Dr. Nadene Neale Vancouver Wa Naturopath YogaGET MOVING!
Moving is more beneficial to your body and mind than any other healthful action you choose to take. I’ve observed this phenomenon hundreds of times. Lab markers MOVE when you MOVE. I figured out a winning formula. I’ll share it with you. 
You’ll need the 3 Cs:
  1. Convenience. Find a studio that offers classes next to your home or office. Shoot for a less than a five minute drive from either your home or office.
  2. Camaraderie. You have to attend the studio enough times so patrons and teachers start to recognize you and you them. Then BOOM – you have camaraderie! Leave your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, sister, cousin, friends and family OFF your camaraderie list. This is about YOU and only you.
  3. Challenge. If you aren’t challenged, in a measurable way, you will likely lose interest in your performance and in turn the movement you’ve added will not be sustainable. For example, in Bikram Yoga, the postures and dialog do not change. The challenge is to work slowly over time to master the heat, the postures, and the mental endurance. See, the yoga doesn’t change, but you change, and you can see the change – and quickly!
Need more motivation?