Lucky 7 to keep a happy gut!

Dr Neale Gut health, Heal with Dr. Neale

Here’s a quick 7-step way to support, feed and strengthen your microbiome, which in turn, helps keep your gut (and likewise, your digestive system) happy!

  1. Cut sugar and processed food (follow Dr. Neale’s Functional Feeding requirements).
  2. Eat lots of fruit (if you’re not intolerant), legumes and veggies (especially leafy ones).
  3. Avoid antibiotics. 
  4. Take your probiotics.
  5. Eat and drink fermented products (like Kombucha we have in the clinic, sauerkraut, pickled stuff, etc.).
  6. Load up with prebiotics (some examples are: bananas, asparagus, garlic, onions, leeks, dandelion greens).
  7. Lower the red meat intake.