New Patient Packages!

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Designed for you. By you.

It’s true. Over the course of a decade and through trial and not-so-much error, so much as just not as effective as I’d like, we’ve developed these 3 packages for your “ease of use.” Our clients are amazing and have really helped craft these options to give a better understanding of what to expect of your visit(s).

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Foundations Package includes: 4-month supply of Probiotics, Better Bitters Digestive Aid, Nutritional Education Material
In-House Labs include: Functional Zinc and Calcium Mineral Tests, 12-Point Urinalysis, Blood Sugar Screen, Salivary pH, Functional Adrenal Stress Index
Vitals include: Blood Pressure, Pulse Oxygen, Temperature, Respirations, Resting Pulse
*First Visit $300, Second Visit $100. **First Visit $375, Second Visit $200. Or pay upfront for a $25 discount.