nuPatient Story: 49-year old male

Dr Neale News, nuPatient

A Case Review: 49-year old Male patient
Patient presents with obesity, anxiety, insomnia, sleep apnea, and fatigue.

Lab studies ordered: Boston Heart Cardiometabolic Factors

High cholesterol. Currently untreated.
Elevated inflammatory markers. Currently untreated.
Type II Diabetes. Currently untreated.
Markedly decreased levels of Testosterone. Currently untreated.
Sleep apnea.
Anxiety, unspecified.Fatigue.

3-month treatment followed by repeat lab studies.
One check in visit with Dr. Neale per month to keep accountability and plan of action – active.

Month 1: aggressive dietary change.
Month 2: continue month 1 AND addition of supplement regimen.
Month 3: continue month 1 & 2 AND addition of personal trainer, once per week.

Resolution of Type II Diabetes!
Markedly reduced Cholesterol markers, especially high risk markers.
Marked reduction of Inflammatory markers.
Markedly increased Testosterone levels!
14 lb weight loss.
Improved sense of wellbeing.
Improved stamina.
Lifted mood.

It’s so impressive what simple diet, exercise and nutraceuticals can do.
In 3 months: Type II Diabetes resolved AND Testosterone back to near 30+ year old levels!