Recipe: Cough-Bronchitis natural remedy

By Nadene Neale | | News

Natural remedy for cough and bronchitisHave a cough or chest cold? Try this natural treatment!

coughing and cold

Add 1 T of fresh ground black (preferred) or yellow mustard seeds (ground in a coffee grinder) to 2 T of rice flour. Add water to make a paste (not too runny). Apply a very thin layer of coconut or olive oil to your chest area then place a handkerchief (or big piece of gauze or thin kitchen towel) a top the oil. Then paint on the paste and place another cloth on top the paste or fold the towel on top itself. Then over the towel, place a heat pack. Leave in place for 15-20 mins. It should not burn, the skin will tingle and turn red, but it should not burn.* If it burns, remove paste and place it back in the mixing bowl, add another T of rice flour, a bit of water and start over.

We got our guidance on this recipe here: It’s a great resource for natural cures!