What would math do?

By Nadene Neale | | Heal with Dr. Neale

Failure isn’t the opposite of success.
It’s part of it!

If you haven’t failed a lot, its because you haven’t tried a lot. Not changing means you aren’t new for the better over time. Since changing is the only way to keep pace, it means by default, by not trying to transform, you’ve changed – well –  umm – to put it gently, not for the better.

Why? Because math. 

Challenge is what changes us, no? If you challenge a muscle, what happens? It grows. You challenge a pimple, what happens? It resolves. You challenge a thought, what happens? It evolves. You challenge your brain, what happens? It learns. You challenge your lungs, what happens? They expand. You challenge your emotions, what happens? You yell at people, and for good reason, they are due for change too.

It’s mathtastic.nuHealth clinic Dr. Nadene Neal Vancouver Wa Naturopath apollo

“I am tired of trying without results.” Giving yourself a try, saying yes to you, is an opportunity to change yourself, for the better. What power you have!
Three steps to a try.
1. Plan.
2. Do.
3. Ask for help.
This same try is an opportunity to fail, and in turn, an opportunity to examine your fail, to strategize and research, to open your mind and soul, to reflect, to let in new, to have grace, to tweak, and ultimately to bring about a new try. Bring on round two. On the other side of round two might just be you waking up feeling new or even better than the last time you can remember. Most people give up on a try WAY before it is reasonable to call that try a tryManaging your expectations is my job, I don’t take it lightly. 
Can’t build a moon rocket in one try. Said the Apollo program.

When will I be done trying? When will I be normal?

When you are dead? In my humble ND opinion, we cannot stop striving for healthful life practices. Especially since we exist in an environment that is not health-centric or even health supportive. P.s. MEMO: You are normal. It is “the norm” to have symptoms when you eat irritant foods or drink toxic liquids. That is a normal and expected outcome. Toxic material put into any system causes that system to fail. If our system didn’t show warnings signs of failure from exposure we’d just keep going until we dropped dead. No one can eat and drink with reckless abandon without consequence. One thing I have observed in my practice is that if you stop trying your body will accumulate disease faster than it can add health.

What happens next?

Bad math happens next! 

Here’s my tip, take it with a shot of salt water.*

When you wake up tomorrow morning ask yourself one specific question: 

“What would math do?”

Because math is going to do its thing, with or without you today. It always does. Let’s see you ADD health today. I’m right there with you. You’ve got this. 

*Salt water rehydration shot: for best efficacy use every morning.
Dissolve a little honey in a shot of warm water.
Add 1/8 teaspoon of celtic sea salt.
Add a squeeze of lemon.
Add a splash of Apple Cider Vinegar.